Tibetan Pulsing Healing: A holistic and transformative healing technique

Tibetan pulsing healing is a relaxing bodywork technique and a powerful energy process. It works on the principle that energy imbalances in the body are at the root of much of our physical and emotional dis-ease. Tibetan Pulsing transforms the energetic charge held in our system and restores the body’s natural energy flow, thus promoting a sense of well-being on an emotional, psychological and physical level.


Generally a Tibetan Pulsing Healing session starts with an eye diagnosis which determines which energy centres of the body are most in need of healing support. Once an appropriate energy centre has been selected for treatment, the client lies down and relaxes and the practitioner connects with specific energy points on the body. A Tibetan Pulser will connect with the pulse beat in these points creating an energy circuit which activates the flow of energy. Connecting with the pulse in specific points generates a positive bio-electrical energy flow that transforms a person’s inner energetic state. A meditative, heart-centred approach creates a healing space in which deep inner transformation can take place

Benefits of Tibetan Pulsing Healing

Tibetan Pulsing is not a miracle cure it is a down to earth process which balances the emotions, relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the body. If we are suffering continuously from a negative pattern of thought it becomes almost like a "bad habit" to think in this way, we forget who we really are as we grow accustomed to our habitual patterns of guilt, anxiety, doubt and fear. Mostly we are no longer aware of where the threads began, it becomes such an entanglement over the years.
Tibetan Pulsing releases emotional and physical shocks that are held in the body and clears the energetic charge that fuels our subconscious behaviour patterns. As a result it is possible to experience a more relaxed and calm state of mind. Tibetan Pulsing allows one to become master of oneself instead of a victim of the subconscious.

Tibetan pulsing healing does not work by analyzing the mind it goes straight to the root of problems such as depression, emotional stress, anxiety, fear, grief and low confidence. Transforming the unresolved energetic charge held in the body helps to take the power out of our resentments, doubts, fears and anxieties. It is possible to experience a deep relaxation on all levels. The results can be profound and far reaching; once the energy flows freely physical tensions can dissolve and past hurts and defences, carried for so many years, may be released. Often years of intellectuallising about difficult or painful past experiences never really heals them, Tibetan Pulsing potentially offers a way of reaching deeper.
A new strength and confidence can arise which transmits to peoples work, relationships, creativity and health. This is simply because the energy is no longer locked up in various patterns of suffering.

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