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Tibetan Pulsing Healing 

 Anna Moulsdale

Transformational Healing bodywork

Nurture your emotional health

Transform emotional stress

Connect to your inner source of wellbeing

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People come for Tibetan Pulsing treatment for a variety of reasons including:


Feeling emotionally stressed, blocked or stuck.

To address unresolved feelings around relationship issues, heartbreak, difficult past events, traumas.

Support their emotional health and gain fresh inspiration and clarity.

Help overcome exhaustion, anxiety, depression.

To connect with themselves and their inner world on a deeper level.

Support their physical wellbeing, release tension.

To simply experience a deeply relaxing, healing and nourishing treat.


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Tibetan pulsing includes a system of eye diagnosis

The eye diagnosis determines which energy centres are in need of healing support. 


Specific marks in the eye can indicate energy imbalance in certain areas of the body. The eye diagnosis is an invaluable tool which can be used to assess where a persons energy may be getting stuck.

Book based on the Tibetan Pulsing system

by Anna Moulsdale

“Inside You; The Twenty-Four Lights gives fascinating insights into the body-mind connection. It can help you understand your body and heal yourself. A wonderful addition to the field of holistic health.”

Inna Segal, author of The Secret Language of Your Body

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