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Anna Moulsdale

BA BSHom member of  CThA

Author of Inside You; The Twenty-Four Lights

"I am grateful to be able to use the powerful tool of Tibetan Pulsing to assist so many amazing people in their healing journey".
Tel 07917 400182
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About me

I discovered this transformational healing system while visiting India at the age of twenty-one. Searching for some deeper meaning in life after the death of my mother, I travelled to Osho International Meditation and Therapy Centre. Here I was introduced to all kinds of meditations and healing therapies which initiated my inner explorations. I began to reconnect with myself on a deeper level and rediscover parts of myself that had been suppressed in my attempt to smoothly navigate life. I came across a healing therapy called Tibetan Pulsing and after my first session I experienced an openness and ease in myself that I had not felt before. This deeply  relaxing and opening experience led me into a lifelong journey with a unique healing modality.

Exploring the amazing healing system of Tibetan pulsing opened my eyes to a new understanding of the energy body and the connection of the body/mind.

I was hugely fortunate to train under the guidance of the founder of Tibetan Pulsing; Rudolph Murley (later known as Dheeraj), becoming a qualified practitioner in 1989. I then immersed myself in the Tibetan Pulsing Institute for six years whilst continuing a further period of advanced training and self-transformation.


Having integrated a deep knowledge of the Tibetan system I returned to the UK and set up a holistic practice in London. Working with people from a multitude of nationalities and backgrounds allowed me to gain extensive experience in all aspects of healing. Since 2004 I have maintained a Tibetan Pulsing practice in Glastonbury, Somerset alongside my work as a qualified homeopath. I offer individual treatments, programs and trainings. I also work as a Tibetan Pulsing practitioner and homeopath for the Arrigo Program in Somerset. 

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Tibetan Pulsing Healing (one and half hour approx) 



Individual retreat program in Glastonbury

Treatment options tailored to your unique needs. Please enquire.



Limited spaces available at various times throughout the year. Please enquire for further info

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Go into the basement, the attic, the refuse bin. Find gold there. Find an animal who has not been fed or watered. It is you! This neglected, exiled animal, hungry for attention, is a part of yourself'.

Marion Woodman

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