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Leading edge research echoes what ancient wisdom has always known: that each organ of the body speaks its own 'thoughts', feelings' and 'promptings.' Peter Levine



An energy map of the psyche

Tibetan pulsing is a complete healing system that provides a unique map of the psyche based on twenty-four energy centres located in the body. These energy centres are connected with specific energy streams (pathways) which run through the body. The energy centres are located in various organs of the body such as liver and kidneys as well as in external regions of the body like arms and legs. exploring each of the twenty four allows us to understand the various aspects of our psyche, the energy centres can be described as twenty four lights which illuminate specific parts of our psyche. They reveal a precise correlation between body and mind.


Each energy circuit in this healing system has a particular colour, sound, animal and country that is symbolic of its character. It can be  compared with astrology where people talk of a person being very piscean. For example, in the Tibetan system  people can be described as “spleeny”(very excitable) or “throaty” (full of self-doubt). 

Treatments are available for each of the  twenty-four energy centres:

(An eye diagnosis will confirm which energy centre is most in need of healing support)

Some of the treatments available include:

LIVER: insecurity, stuck, guilt, depression


PANCREAS: self-destructive patterns, workaholic, self-sacrifice

DUODENUM: anxiety, respect issues, hostility

HARA: anger, authority issues, reactive behaviour

HEART: self-hatred, heartbreak,


SMALL INTESTINE: repression, people pleasing, passive aggression

BLADDER: control, stress, feeling not good enough, pissed off

ADRENALS: fear, disempowered, hyperactive

KIDNEYS: confusion, projection, inability to rest and receive

OVARIES: shame, lethargy, break up issues

COLON: panic, obsession, inner conflict

LUNGS: pressure, overdoing, exhausted

BRAIN: over-thinking, over-protected

STOMACH: trust issues, compulsion, hurt/betrayal wounds

SPLEEN: abandoned, disillusioned, mania

GALLBLADDER: addiction, co-dependency, jealousy

THROAT: low self worth, difficulty expressing, self-doubt

Positive qualities of the balanced energy centres

LIVER: inner stability, flexible to change



PANCREAS: creativity, pleasure, growth


DUODENUM: tranquillity, respect, kindness 

HARA: inner strength, instinct, self-assertive

HEART: self-acceptance, love, compassion

INTESTINE: nurture, service, affection, warmth

BLADDER: relaxation, letting go, composure, humour

ADRENALS: courage, awareness, relaxed alertness

KIDNEYS: clarity, restful, purity, trust in the flow of life


OVARIES: sense of pride, vitality, light

COLON: inner harmony


LUNGS: joy, expansion, spacious


BRAIN: logic, balance heart and mind

STOMACH: trust, friendship, sympathy, forgiveness


SPLEEN: enthusiasm, support, ability to express needs

GALLBLADDER: inner freedom, independence, stimulation

THROAT: self worth, authentic expression

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