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Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)


IFS is a self-empowering therapy that helps people to find clarity within themselves. It is a psycho-spiritual model that supports people to understand and resolve the conflicted parts of their personality. These parts reside within each of us and we are mostly unaware of them and the role they play in our life. So conflicted are the various thoughts/emotions and inner voices, it can become a big confusion and we don't know which part of our-self to listen to. Which is the real me?



Certain traumatic events can cause some parts of us to become  frozen, stuck in destructive roles or painful memories. Some of these parts may affect our body and create illness, others may wreck havoc on our emotional or mental state. IFS guides you to look inside yourself and gain clarity within. This safe, respectful and supportive process allows all parts to have a say, the IFS core premise being that 'all parts are welcome'.  IFS gives space for all parts of us to be heard and express their needs without us minimizing or pathologizing. Being heard, acknowledged and understood allows healing and resolution to the parts of you that have been suffering. 


Discover your natural inner leader 

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a way to understand yourself, your emotions, thoughts, reactions. An IFS session will guide you to access your inner world and facilitate a process of transformation and healing. IFS is based on the principle that there is an undamaged, resourceful self at the core of every person and that accessing and working with that self is a safe, effective way to heal other, hurt parts of the mind.

Aswell as being guided during sessions you will learn to be your own inner leader inbetween sessions and in your life moving forwards. Fostering self-compassion

Building a positive relationship with yourself

instead of seeing people as lacking resources we assume people are constrained from using their innate strengths by polarized relationships within and externally. IFS is designed to release those contraints and in so doing release our resources

help clients navigate safely and respectfully. Helps people to build a more pos

You learn to cultivate a healthy curiosity towards the parts of yourself you have been ignoring, fighting with or condemning. By hearing, validating the concerns of these hitherto ignored parts you develop compassion for yourself.

Finding the calm centre within

Instead of being overwhelmed by  their emotions, Self-led people are able to hold their center, knowing that it is just a part of them that was upset now and would eventually calm down.

At the heart of Internal Family Systems therapy is the belief that there is a calm, compassionate core ‘Self’ within each of us that cannot be damaged. The cores self is like the wise seat of consciousness. 
We also have many ‘parts’ that help us through life and protect us. Sometimes these parts can take on negative or destructive roles because of various life events. These parts can activate us to react in ways that cause conflict, distress or unhappiness in ourselves or those around us.
As an IFS practitioner I help to guide the client to disentangle themselves from their parts and access their core Self. The Self can then connect with each part and use its innate wisdom to heal it. This allows the parts to transform and be integrated into your inner system in a more harmonious way.
IFS therapy explicitly recognizes the spiritual nature of the Self, allowing the model to be helpful in spiritual development as well as psychological healing.
from uk site


Anyone can benefit from IFS at any stage of life but typically IFS can help you to:
Support yourself through a difficult time

Find inspiration, a new sense of direction,

Understand yourself on a deeper level and gain clarity re life issues and patterns you struggle with

Heal parts of yourself that feel in pain.

Identify and release constraints that inhibit your full growth and development.

You will not only be able to do so and feel stronger but you will also start to learn how to do this for yourself in the future. Build an life skill that IFS calls Self leadership. 
Understand behaviors, feelings and thoughts.





IFS and Tibetan Pulsing Healing

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7 week course

Dont kill the messenger:

Discovering the healing wisdom of the body with IFS and Tibetan pulsing

Befriending the body ~ Befriending your inner world

‘Neuroscience research suggests that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going on inside ourselves.’ Van der Kolk

Internal Family Systems therapy one and half hour £60 (also available via skype)

Body talk inquiry with IFS can be done via skype one hour £60

please read more about IFS

Restore the balance between body and mind by working with your own inner wisdom.

This unique approach combines hands-on bodywork treatment using Tibetan Pulsing techniques with the inner journeying of Internal Family Systems to bring about healing and understanding. IFS is an inquiry into the emotions, stories and wisdom held in the body.

This double approach works well with physical conditions and tensions held in the body. This deep work brings about unwinding of tension so relaxation can occur within the body and mind. This self-empowering creative application of IFS guides clients to connect to their bodies and listen to the wisdom held in various parts of the body.  Focusing on physical ailments to uncover the message they are carrying and the healing potential within.  

Tibetan Pulsing and IFS body talk: listening to the body inquiry

Two and half hours 

Bring your intention to heal a specific part of yourself this can be  physical or emotional. We will focus on healing this area through the mind and body. Restoring the balance between body and mind by working with your bodies own inner wisdom. I will guide you to listen to the wisdom and insights that arise from within you. Discovering self-compassion and honouring any physical ailments as important messengers.

learn to listen to the messages your body is giving. Physical ailments can be a message that part of your psyche wants to communicate and is using the body as a means of getting your attention. If we can learn to listen, receive and honour the important information that the body is holding we can heal and receive wisdom from ourselves. 

Learning to listen with compassion, gratitude for how the body wants to help you by creating these ailments, intention to protect you from hurt, rejection, people pleasing, inability to say no, communicate, help your body release any burdens and heal, give your body what it needs so it feels heard and understands it can communicate to you in a different way without creating physical problems, it has all the answers we just need to give it space to talk and learn to listen!

You may ask the client to scan body for
tension or holding and explore what that tension is saying. (“I don’t want to go into the pain.”) (manual)

body talk woman:

guide you through your self-exploration and we apply techniques from BodyTalk, Kinesiology or other tools in order to shift energy and operate the start of a change. We then integrate with a shamanic-style inner exploration of the subconscious in order to retrieve more information or plant seeds of change. (taken from evolutionary healing pendragon house)

from the polyvagal woman webinar:

The nervous syst is shaped thru our personal experience. The nervous system interprate external cues. Info comes from the body, upto your brain and then brain makes a story. We then live the story in our lives, the origin is in the nervous system. The nervous system acts like a personal surveillance system.

want to resolve/recuce cues of danger and resource cues of safety. balance the 

the autonomic nerv syst neuroception gets misattuned we find difficult to access calm, cant acurrately discern, retune it to present moment discernment.

navigating the nervous system

aim to regulate it, have a flexible response in nervous syst, rather than a rigid response

relaxed alertness v alarm, stuck in story don't see options, misread


from eft guy


from from emotional bluepringt iridotolgyFor example, a young person experiences the loss of a close family member.  The emotions may become blocked in the cellular memory of the physical body.  As time passes and the emotions are not released, it could create respiratory problems such as bronchitis or even pneumonia which would seem totally unrelated to a prior event. 

It can point towards areas of emotional disharmony in the body depending on which energy centres show energetic imbalance.

The diagnosis does not focus particularly on physical health, however the emotional and energetic relationship behind health conditions can also be indicated. 

The diagnosis can reveal how and why emotional issues are manifested in the physical body.  However some physical symptoms can have an emotional root.  Emotional Blueprint Iridology will show you where the emotions are stuck or blocked and what part of the body the emotions are creating interference in, which may be different than the actual health problems a person may be experiencing.

This course will give you an incredible tool to help you discover the root of a health problem or trauma, whether emotional or energetic.

I am also an IFS (internal family systems) trained practitioner and work with this understanding in my sessions. To read more about my sessions with IFS and combining IFS with Tibetan pulsing click here.  I have been IFS informed for many years through living with my partner Ian who has worked for many years with the understanding that the psyche consists of many identities within us.

Internal family systems therapy withought bodywork.

If you prefer to have a session without any physical contact

stand alone IFS session cost £50 one and half hour

Combined session two hour £75


'IFS is more than a therapeutic technique, it is a conceptual framework and practice for developing

love for ourselves and each other'

Richard Schwartz (founder IFS)


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